Our Scrumptious Signature Flavors 

Cookies & Cream

Our scrumptious vanilla cake with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and creme filling

Mocha Chip

The perfect pair morning, noon or night! Coffee & chocolate

cake with mini chocolate chips, smothered in chocolate topped with expresso beans!

Chocolate Chip

Our vanilla bean cake with mini chocolate chips added covered in white and dark chocolate topped with of course...mini chocolate chips


Sweet, creamy and refreshing. Our signature vanilla with a burst of orange emulsion.


Love old fashioned brownies?

Then you'll love our dark, sweet brownie with a decadent chocolate ganache.....


Mini chunks of graham crackers and marshmallows in our signature vanilla bean cake, topped with mini marshmallows!


The most delicious and decadent cake bite in our selection! A true chocolate lovers favorite! 

Bailey's & Cream

Our version of Baileys and Cream

cake with mini chocolate chips!  

Yum Yum!

Maple & Bacon

Love breakfast? Love bacon?

This delicious treat is for you!


A delicious spice cake perfect for holiday celebrations with family and friends.


Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Cake covered in dark chocolate drizzled in peanut butter chocolate!


Red Velvet

Smooth, creamy and delicious.

Topped with mini chocolate chips!

Our Red Velvet extreme!

Red Velvet Chip

Our scrumptious red velvet  cake,

smooth, creamy, delicious.

and stuffed with mini chocolate chips!

Mocha Frappe

The perfect pair morning, noon or night! Coffee and 

cake smothered in chocolate topped with expresso beans


Creamy, silky coconut cake with fresh coconut shavings and topped with toasted coconut!


Light, creamy, fruity and flavorful!

A fruit  lovers favorite!


One of our fan favorites! Light creamy and flavorful!


Our signature vanilla bean cake covered in white chocolate sprinkled with pralines.


A creamy, sweet margarita flavored cake sprinkled with lime sugar!


Our signature vanilla cake with a burst of raspberry emulsion! A and sweet creamy treat.


Make this your own.

Add the content you want.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada

Coconut and pineapple cake dipped in white chocolate topped with dried pineapple.

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